Our roots run deep.

Our nursery is located on land once farmed by Becky’s maternal grandfather. The nursery exists today due to the love and support of our family.  For this reason, our family-owned business caters to families who want to beautify their properties and family-owned landscaping companies who share our customer-centered philosophy.  Unlike most businesses, every time you visit or call our nursery you are dealing directly with the owners.  We appreciate your patronage and are dedicated to providing you with excellent service, exceptional prices and outstanding quality.  

What can we offer you?

Becky is a registered nurse who loves nature’s beauty and commemorates special life events by planting trees and shrubs.  We opened Family Tree in 2007 with the purpose of sharing our love for plants and providing excellent customer service.   



Who are we?

  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Perennials

Why Family Tree?

Mon-Fri: by Appointment
Saturday: closed

Sunday:   closed

Tim has been a landscaping and nursery professional for 35 + years.  His experience includes buying and selling plants, caring for plants in a nursery setting, installing and maintaining trees and shrubs for residential and commercial customers, and troubleshooting plant problems.  He enjoys interacting with customers and finding the perfect plants for their home or business.  

Quality plant material at reasonable prices.  

Our plants are as large or larger than our competition yet they are considerably less expensive.  We pride ourselves in providing the best quality at the best price.  Customers rave about our selection, quality and prices.

Free Plantscape design.  

Come to the nursery with an idea of the size of the area that you are landscaping and the amount of sun it gets... Tim will ask you all the right questions to help you find the plants that will fit your needs and desires.  We even have a open area in our nursery specifically for the purpose of setting up your design so that you can see it before you buy it!

A large selection of dwarf flowering trees, long blooming shrubs, and hardy evergreen screening plants. 

Tim's goal is to have a diverse selection of plants that will provide customers with numerous options for fall foliage, seasonal blossoms, natural screening properties and year-round color.  These plants are zoned for our area and will thrive when properly planted and maintained.  

Free planting and maintenance advice.  

If you don't know, Tim will tell you how to plant and care for your new plants.  He can tell you when and where to plant and how and when to fertilize, prune and water your new plants.  Rest assured that if you have questions or concerns, Tim will do his very best to help you.  

Fast, knowledgeable and reasonably priced plant installation.  

So you don't have a shovel or a desire to use one...  Tim works with landscaping professionals every day and he knows which ones are the best.  He will find a landscaper that will help you get the work done right, at the right price, and according to your timeline.